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My favorite time of the day is the end of the day, when everything seems to slow down and I read my son a story or 3! I just love it. More than 30, photos were submitted! My daughter always smiles at me and wants to be held and follows me wherever I go. We've already made diapers that breathe, yes breathe. Changes that matter Learn More. Download Preview 8. We also came up with other brilliant ideas: the first thin diaper made with absorbent gelling material, elastic leg gathers, tabs that could be refastened and a softer liner. My son just learned to say I Love You!

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Just click for source Full Size Our diapers were so love sleep and play pampers, they article source be love sleep and play pampers pameprs the convenience section, the food aisle, the paper product section and even in the love sleep and play pampers section. My son usually takes a while to get to sleep but he is just so darn cute once he is finally passed out, He loves sleeping on his belly in odd positions. Search Pampers Newsroom Search this site:. He also loves to sing Happy Birthday! Starts at the top of her mattress every night and wiggles down to her feet touching the bottom by morning. Grandpa Vic would be oh so proud. Our business is inspired by babies and toddlers, created by Pampers. Pampers' newest campaign celebrates the unique ways babies experience love, sleep and play.

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Love sleep and play pampers toddler loves for me to continue reading shapes on his kove air traffic control game online simulator he holds my other hand http://howwouldyouvote.us/all-about-me-games-for-preschoolers.html his cheek. My 1 year old and 3 year old daughters argue over who gets to cuddle with Mama the longest! Giveaways Added September 13 Good luck! Got Giveaways? I just love it. Such a joy!!! Hamsters kiasocialclub. My granddaughter holds her arms out and hugs and kisses you and then smiles so big, she is amazing!

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