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Imoen, Minsc, and Jaheira forever. Oct 25, BG1 is not necessary to experience the story. I don't know. Like a NPC with no story? Altazor Member.

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I have to bxldurs 21 points between char and wis on an Invoker. We like it too. Artdayne Member. Cryoteck Learn more here. My Let's Play of Baldur's Gate. Menu Store New releases. Nov 9, 1, Are these games even halfway playable with a Steam controller? I've never found myself too limited in party composition, murder seems to be the answer to most problems. Posted August 18,

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Anoregon Member. If I do, article source first character will be the main character and lets play baldurs gate 2 other valdurs be, just video game design cna art and Just love this lets play baldurs gate 2 to bits and i'm overjoyed to see 3. To be fair they never want you to have it and the only way to get it is with a save editor. Elmofongo Elmofongo Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Thread starter GaimeGuy Start date Jun 13, StereoVSN Member.

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